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Life As Wife; Desdemona In Othello, Nora In A Doll's House: Nora, the female protagonist in The Doll House, shares many of the characteristics of Desdemona, the wife of Othello in the Shakespearean play
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She is also in a marriage defined by the husband's position of authority and she has a strength of character that allows her to go against the wishes of the authority figure in her life. Unlike Desdemona, Nora refuses to go quietly to her ruin. Where Othello takes the life of his wife, the institution of marriage takes Nora's identity. The final piece to the puzzle comes to Nora as the realization that she has no legitimate name of her own, that she is unable to use either her married name or the name of her father to borrow money. She is nameless, symbolically stripped of her identity and in reality denied power over herself. The marriage, rather than Nora, dies. This 5 page paper examines the differences and similarities of the roles portrayed by these two women. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Machiavelli's 'The Prince' vs. Shakespeare's 'Othello'
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7 pages in length. A comparative analysis between Machievelli's 'The Prince' and Shakespeare's 'Othello' in which the writer examines each work in light of their respective eras and sociocultural issues. It is concluded that in 'Othello,' the author seems to cry out for a different kind of sovereignty than in 'The Prince.' Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Othello's Tragedy / Irony
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A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of irony in Shakespeare's Othello, with a concentration on tragic irony related to Othello's character flaw, and dramatic irony. No additional sources cited.
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